About Us

Where did it all begin?

Kids Academy unofficially began in 1993 when owner, Scott Hookey built his first purpose built childcare centre is Sydney's west at Glenmore Park, known as Hopscotch Child Care Centre. This was the first of a succession of centres which were to follow, with our most recent centre, Kids Academy Spring Hill in the Brisbane CBD opening in January 2008.

In 2003, Scott developed the brand Kids Academy and all services to follow under his banner were part of the Kids Academy Group.

Over the past 20 years, Scott and his team have developed 12 services, ten of which are currently managed and operated by the Kids Academy Group.

Scott and Kids Academy are well reknowned for their state of the art designs, and an exceptional quality of care and education, having cared for over 2000 children since his vision came to life. Despite his own expertise in the field, Scott credits the success of the centres on his staff, whom he feels are the key to the provision of quality services....

"We are so fortunate to have an exceptional team of early educators, all of whom are so passionate, and have a genuine respect and love for the precious gift we have been given in sharing the early years of so many children and their families."

Our Management Team

Scott Hookey

Scott owns the centres and has been in the child care industry since opening his first centre in Glenmore Park in 1993.  His role in the management teamis in developing future sites and general business dealings,he does notdeal directly with the day to day running of the centres but does, on a regular basis, receive centre management reports, providing feedback and general operational input.

Amanda Grassby

Amanda is our Operations Manager,having started in the company at Kids Academy Woongarrah in 2005 moving into the Director's position at Kids Academy Erina Heights before taking the Operations Manager position.  She has a Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education and dealswith all general and operational management of the centres including licensing, Quality Improvement Plans, staffing issues, policy management and day to day issues.  Amanda has over 22 years experience in teaching and managing early education centres.

Robyn Webb

Robyn has worked for Scott since he opened the first centre in Glenmore Park in 1993.  She began as the cook before becoming the Director and then moving into the Financial and Human Resources area of the company.  Robyn is responsible for all things financial including payroll, budgets, account payments as well as human resource issues and policy and procedure development.  Robyn holds a Diploma in Frontline Management and a Diploma of Accounting.

Melissa Leonard

Melissa is our Centre Support Manager and has worked alongside Scott since 1998.  Melissa supports our Directors in the day to day operations and works closely with Amanda with regards to implemention of the NQS and service licensing, policy and procedure development.  Melissa has 25 years experience and holds a Bachelor of Teaching, Early Childhood.